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Durkan, as the developers of the Bengeo Nursery site, the Stiles, have acquired an interest in the remaining part of the HERT4 allocated site, to the west of B158, Wadesmill Road.


The site is allocated for residential development in the adopted East Hertfordshire District Plan under reference HERT4. The site has historically been located within the Metropolitan Green Belt where highly restrictive planning policies apply. Following the adoption of the new District Plan (Oct 2018), this site has been removed from the Green Belt and will form the second phase of the allocation to provide over 150 dwellings overall. The policy sets out an expectation for the site to deliver housing by 2027.

In accordance with District Plan policy requirements, we are keen to collaborate with the Council, key stakeholders and local interest parties in developing a Masterplan Framework for our proposals, as we did in formalising the proposals for the Stiles, to secure the best possible form of development.

Site layout

Proposed layout

Site Layout

The underpinning design principles reflect the thought process undertaken to achieve a development with a clear sense of identity and of place that can successfully integrate into the existing community:

  • The inclusion of integrated public open spaces incorporating children’s play facilities. 
  • Sustainable Drainage strategies. 
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes running through the development forming important off-site connections to the neighbouring LEAP to the southwest and the byway running north-south through and beyond the site. 
  • The retention, strengthening and enhancement of existing landscaping features, incorporating biodiversity enhancements. 
  • A carefully considered road hierarchy incorporating  shared surfaces. 
  • Traditional housing forms within a landscape led design approach. 
  • Dwellings that frame and overlook the main streets providing active frontages. 
  • Key buildings at strategic locations. 
  • Passive natural surveillance to streets, parking areas and open spaces. 
  • An integrated road hierarchy and landscape design to help define character areas. 
  • Subtle design variations to help define character areas. 
  • Sustainable strategies including the provision of charging points for low and zero carbon vehicles and a fabric first approach to energy conservation along with the provision of air source heat pumps 
  • Reduced density and storey heights at the fringes of the development.  
  • Open space to the northern periphery of the development. 

Got a question?

Proposed timeline

Further public consultation

We will hold a further consultation event where we will present more detailed proposals for the site.

Submission of the application

A comprehensive planning application will be submitted to East Herts District Council for consideration, where you will also be able to make comments.

Anticipated decision by the Development Management Committee

Early next year we anticipate that East Herts District Council’s Development Management Committee will consider the application and make a decision.

Construction begins

If East Herts District Council approve our application, we hope to commence construction Autumn 2023, taking approximately 36 months to complete the proposal.